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Lori Gerhardson!
When I first meet you at BNI. I knew you were someone special.
You were so warm and friendly and welcomed me to the group so graciously. Then when Anna and I went to a chamber dinner you welcomed us to your table with you and Terry, Nick and your friends you all made us feel welcome. I am not sure if that was the first time you had met Anna or not but you made her feel so welcome.She is not always comfortable going to new things. Then comes along an exercise class and we all know where that started. She meets you again! the rest is history.
I can not thank you enough for what you have helped her to accomplish! She loves you dearly and is always talking of you in such high regard. Also your class members have been so kind and encouraging along the way and you and they know how they are.
I love Anna dearly and I have from the first day I saw her. The strong love I feel for her would be there for what ever (for lack of better words) body shell she would be in.
On Saturday at Shawn's wedding I have truly never seen her more beautiful! She was stunning! She has always been beautiful through the years but oh my gosh! I can not thank you and all the girls she works out with enough for helping her achieve her goals. You have given her (me time) and a reason to get out of the house she has a new passion for wanting to go to see you all the time.
I truly believe you are helping us to extend our lives together far into old age. She comes home from a workout and talks about how you kicked butts today. I look at her and all I can say is "I sure love that Lori!"
Thank you for making such a difference in her her life!! (our lives)
I am truly Grateful!
Mike A