Thank you Lori Gerhardson for helping me to reach and exceed my fitness goals this year!  Never running more than a 5K prior to May my goal was to run my 1st 10K this fall. Lori, you helped me to believe I could do more and instead I was able to run my 1st half marathon! Thank you Lori! It feels so good to shine on the inside!

Thanks, Lori!  Absolutely could not have come this far without you kickin' my butt!! Thanks for believing in us ALL!!  You're definitely in your "zone" of God-given talent & passion

Thank you for being there for me if it wasn't for you being so positive I would of quit a while back. Now I have a goal with my health and fitness!!  They say what goes around comes around. Thank you for being you.

Suzie H

Lori cares about each individual in her classes. She cares about the technique & proper fitness training that she instructs. Would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the proper ways of excersize."

Brooke S

Lori's class is awesome. She makes you feel good and motivated! I can not wait to be able to take more classes!"

Sara S

I met Lori a few years ago, and have attended her group fitness classes. She is an excellent motivator to get and stay fit!"

Shannon E

Lori is great to work with. She makes you feel comfortable and that you can achieve anything. She listens to your concerns and will focus on what is important to you."

Suzie H

Lori cares about each individual in her classes. She cares about the technique & proper fitness training that she instructs. Would recommend her to anyone who wants to learn the proper ways of excersize."

Sharon D

Lori is as commited to your training experience as you. If you want to achieve she will see you through. I met Lori at my local gym where I took her class. Her classes have a variety of skill levels and what ever you level is she makes her classes work for you."

Jenny Z

Lori is totally amazing. Her encouraging way of working with us in a group:currently I have an injury and she helped with alternative ideas."

Dale J

Lori has provided fitness classes for employees in the St. Francis School District. She exhibits high energy and cutomizes the instruction to the clientele she has. Lori is very knowledgeable in the area of fitness. I give her my highest recommendation."

Joyce F

I had the opportunity to attend Lori's classes last year. She does a great job! Wonderful motivator and took the time for individual attention. I would not hesitate to recommend her for any classes she may instruct. I am hoping my schedule will allow me to attend some classes in the near future led by her."

Denise H

I met Lori through my sister Laura. Lori helped Laura reach her fitness goals. After talking with my sister, I too decided to "get my butt moving" and get in better shape. Lori is very motivating and knows her stuff!! She is also very knowledgable in nutrition. I would recommend her to people of all ages who want to feel better and get in shape."

Joe M

Lori has been training my mother over recent months and I've been able to see her come leaps and bounds from where she's started. The program that Lori uses is very versatile for a variety of age groups and her positive encouragement helps to push the trainee to their next goal. I highly recommend her."

Laryssa P

I have been going to Lori, now for a few months. I can tell you this, I love going to her classes and going to my personal training sessions. She always has a smile on her face, always very motivating, kind hearted, caring and a all around awesome lady to work with. I've seen results with her, I have lost 10+inches with her. She is always pushing you towards that next goal. I would recommend Lori Gerhardson to anyone!!"

Pam S

I met Lori many years ago, at her families automotive care business. She has always been a positive, energetic person.
Lori listens to what her clients are looking for and helps them attain their goals with the program that works best for their situation.
If you are looking for a trainer/instructor that genuinely cares about you, Lori is your girl!!"

Elaine M

Lori is the best yet. She is always positive and motivated, motivating me! She has pushed me farther than I ever thought possible.

I've worked with other personal trainers through the years but the difference with Lori is her energy that she directs consistently to the people she is working with. She has never shown an ounce of boredom or tiredness (even though she must sometimes feel it - or she is just bionic)!"

Lisa F

Lori is what fitness is all about! She pushes you to your limit all the time making sure you're engaged and having fun. Her interest in you personally goes without saying. She really knows her clients inside and out and knows what makes them tick. I couldn't ask for a better workout from anyone else.

If you want to get fit, fell great about yourself physically and emotionally, then Lori is the Trainer you want and need! My respect for her is immense!"

Joyce C

I met Lori when we both were going to Zumba classes. Over the next couple of years she made the decision to change her life for the better. She is now a fitness instructor and personal trainer. When I have attended her classes she is so up beat and encouraging that it makes you want to work harder. She will also take whatever time you need to go over any questions you may have. She is a one of a kind and I strongly urge people to contact her for the many variety of classes she has to offer."

Lori Gerhardson!
When I first meet you at BNI. I knew you were someone special.
You were so warm and friendly and welcomed me to the group so graciously. Then when Anna and I went to a chamber dinner you welcomed us to your table with you and Terry, Nick and your friends you all made us feel welcome. I am not sure if that was the first time you had met Anna or not but you made her feel so welcome.She is not always comfortable going to new things. Then comes along an exercise class and we all know where that started. She meets you again! the rest is history.
I can not thank you enough for what you have helped her to accomplish! She loves you dearly and is always talking of you in such high regard. Also your class members have been so kind and encouraging along the way and you and they know how they are.
I love Anna dearly and I have from the first day I saw her. The strong love I feel for her would be there for what ever (for lack of better words) body shell she would be in.
On Saturday at Shawn's wedding I have truly never seen her more beautiful! She was stunning! She has always been beautiful through the years but oh my gosh! I can not thank you and all the girls she works out with enough for helping her achieve her goals. You have given her (me time) and a reason to get out of the house she has a new passion for wanting to go to see you all the time.
I truly believe you are helping us to extend our lives together far into old age. She comes home from a workout and talks about how you kicked butts today. I look at her and all I can say is "I sure love that Lori!"
Thank you for making such a difference in her her life!! (our lives)
I am truly Grateful!
Mike A

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! You continue to inspire and motivate through your dedication, positive attitude, and genuine warmth and kindness to others! Be proud of yourself!!!

I've looked back on this year and am very thankful that I met you. You have inspired me to change my life.  You are AMAZING and inspire me to continue on this fitness journey.
I know  will be fit and get healthier.  I will lose the weight that I want to lose. That is one of my goals for this year.I will be able to say I DID IT.! 

Thanks for all your encouragement.

You are a very special lady and I think it is so cool that you are such a trust worthy person and that people not only myself feel safe with you!! You are an amazing women!!!
THANK YOU!!! Love ya!

You are my Miracle! Thank You.

Thanks Lori! You are so motivating and inspiring. It was an awesome workout. My body is tired and it's a great feeling!

Thanks Lori! You are so motivating and inspiring. It was an awesome workout. My body is tired and it's a great feeling!

I've needed someone like you~You help keep me healthy and losing the extra pounds. I want to tell you I love your words of inspiratio, your support and all the motivation you give me.

I'm really proud of you and all your success and ambition with all of your fitness lifestyle! What an Inspiration you are! You keep me motivated! Thank you!

Thank YOU so much Lori. You have been so supportive. Words cannot tell you how much that means to me. You keep me going on days that I get frustrated. Thank you from my heart!

You are so sweet!!!! Thank You for the encouragement and strength you give me! You're awesome.

Hey Lori!! It was a lot of fun!! My thighs have been protesting all afternoon! They are still burning :) [:)] I love it! I will be seeing you  Wednesday night! I can't wait.

Thanks Lori~it helps to workout with someone else has been through this. Hypothyroid has messed up my body and life. Working with you on a one to one basis has been so rewarding and knowing you understand what I am going thru, inspires and motivates me to know that I CAN DO THIS! Thank you for all your help and support.

I am so excited -I always get nervous on my measurements days. I am so very happy to have hooked up with you. It's a honor to consider you a friend. You have such wonderful words of wisdom and continue to inspire all of us each and every day! Thank you for all your kind words and you always put a big smile on my face. (even when we are done working out.)

I'm so proud of you on all your accomplishments. It's all so wonderful!

Lori is a like a breath of fresh air.  Her spirit and personality transcend everything she does.  My training session goes by of exercises-the likes of some that I have never done before--and although I am completely fatigued and exhausted I have had a great time.  She quickly understood my goals and weaknesses and works to incorporate them into her customized training program.  In the relatively short time I've been working with her I am getting much stronger, and she has given me routines that I can use on the days I exercise without her

Lori, you certainly are inspiring. Great job.!

You're always so fun and you're sooo encouraging!

Fitness is my present , but Lori has been the true gift. She inspires me daily !  From the moment we met I knew that I had found the right trainer for me.  I love the results I received.  Thank you Lori for all the wonderful positive results you've helped me achieve and maintain.

Lori is my trainer and my friend! She has cheered me on in my fitness achievements like she was a member of my family! Lori has seen me through the evolution of my fitness goals using her tools, her knowledge, and, most importantly, her unending understanding and support both physically and emotionally. She's an excellent trainer and an excellent person!"